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Be part of the bigger landscape of multimedia arts in the country

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Join MMAAP, and represent the multimedia industry in the Philippines of various sectors. Get access to upskill workshops and upgrade trainings. Increase professional network, experience a new level of professional engagements, and engage in collaborative projects!

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Be part of the bigger landscape of multimedia arts in the country. Represent and be represented in matters of policy, industry development, and positive change in the industry

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What’s in it for you? LOTS!

Upgrade yourself through exclusive workshops, seminars, trainings, and materials. Share your talent and skill with others and help us all grow together.

Institutions and Companies

We seek partners in government and industry, partners that will help us grow as an institution and organization to benefit the greatest number of Creatives in the most sustainable manner possible

MMAAP aims to weave together people, knowledge, ideas, and industries in multimedia arts

MMAAP envisions itself as a foundation of world-class Filipino multimedia arts professionals and the motivator of interest towards excellence in multimedia arts as a field of specialization.

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