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Be part of the bigger landscape of multimedia arts in the country

Here are 7 reasons why join MMAAP

Join MMAAP, and represent the multimedia industry in the Philippines of various sectors. Get access to upskill workshops and upgrade trainings. Increase professional network, experience a new level of professional engagements, and engage in collaborative projects!


Be part of the bigger landscape of multimedia arts in the country. Represent and be represented in matters of policy, industry development, and positive change in the industry.


Upgrade yourself through exclusive workshops, seminars, trainings, and materials. Share your talent and skill with others and help us all grow together.


Tap into a national network of emerging and veteran professionals, gain insights, lessons, and advice from people who have been where you’re headed; contribute to a greater body of knowledge to benefit all.


Collaborate with others on projects and activities; link up with professionals and practitioners to fill in the gaps in your personal skill set or complete your production team


Gain first-dibs on the newest and latest innovations and developments in the field and tap into member-only pricing, deals, and arrangements. Find out before the rest of the internet does.


We know it’s not easy to be a Creative in the Philippines. Training in sustainable business practices, professional wellness, and government compliance are just a taste of things to come. We’ll help out with the management, you focus on the Creatives. We got your back.


With our numbers as a professional organization we can leverage on products and services usually unavailable to freelancers, individuals, or small studios. Healthcare, insurance, group pricing, and legal services… we’ve got those lined up

MMAAP aims to weave together people, knowledge, ideas, and industries in multimedia arts

MMAAP envisions itself as a foundation of world-class Filipino multimedia arts professionals and the motivator of interest towards excellence in multimedia arts as a field of specialization.

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